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Ask Your Wine Tasting Questions

Do you have a burning question on how to taste wine or how to set up your next wine tasting?

Whatever questions you may have about wine tasting, wine perceptions, wine vocabulary – or anything else related to having a great wine sensory experience – ask them here.

We will do our best to answer them. If we don’t answer your question, the most likely reason is that we have answered the question before. Occasionally it’s because the question is outside the scope of this website, or of our knowledge.

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Why do I smell reductive aroma so often? Does my nose have a problem? 
Thank you for sharing an insight with the oxidation study. It's quite interesting since lately I feel like my nose has a problem: I smell reductive note …

How to taste wine with food ? 
I would like to organize a wine tasting event where the difference of tasting wine with /without food is illustrated. There are as many as 50 people …

Wine volume per tasting glass 
Red or white.What is the maximum wine volume per glass for a tasting?

Quels vins choisir pour les références d'arômes? 
Question: Chère Isabelle, J'ai bien reçu aujourd'hui les trois roues d'arômes. Merci beaucoup. Etant donné la distance depuis les Pays-Bas, puis-je …

About the logical error in tasting Not rated yet
Question : Hello, Could I please bother you for some more information regarding 'Logical Error'? I am compiling a presentation on 'Stimulus and logical …

Question About Wine Aroma Kits Not rated yet
My Question is: Which is the best wine aroma kit available? I want to buy a wine aroma kit and am trying to decide between "le nez du vin" and …

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