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TDN in Riesling

by Roar Lie

Thank you for an interesting article on TDN in Riesling wines.

If I understand you correctly, English is not my native language, TDN is inherent in Riesling and Riesling only which seems to be the message since other varieties are not mentioned.

However, this is not entirely correct since TDN can be found in other varieties/wines as well. In grapes, mostly as TDN precursors.
To name a few, the typical kerosene or petrol smell is prevalent in Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir. And to a certain extent in Cabernet franc.

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by: Werner Schumacher

I understand that the issue of aromas in wine should be reviewed. Briefly, TDN is linked to a sugar molecule that is released during fermentation; Initially, the released TDN molecule is covered by primary aromas and, only with aging, reveals itself. How to say that the gasoline aroma is primary, secondary or tertiary, more like a bouquet of these types of aromas.

TDN precursors are present in Riesling and other grape varieties
by: Isabelle

Dear Roar Lie,

Thank you for your comment. Riesling wines tend to have a higher concentration of TDN, which creates the impression that TDN is only present in these varietal wines. You are correct that other grape varieties contain TDN precursors. However, the typical TDN aroma is usually not expressed as strongly as it is in Riesling wines, especially aged Riesling.

I added two additional references to my original article from reputable research institutes. Thank you for keeping me honest, and I am sorry the article I published was misleading.

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