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My Holidays Specials to Thank YOU

These Holidays Specials are tokens of my appreciation Happy Holidays!!

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food and wine pairing

Theories abound on food and wine pairing along, including personal beliefs built on experience on which wine style works best or worst your favourite dish. What do sensory scientists have to say?

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A positive experience, wine tasting at the airport

I just came back from Cleveland. My flight to Atlanta was delayed for several hours.

After waiting at the gate, on the plane, and back at the gate, my colleague and I took comfort in going to the bar just beside the gate.

Have you been to Vino Volo before?

This wine bar was very welcoming and only served wines. The crowd was different from the usual airport bars I have been to. No giant TV screens!There, we were presented with a wine tasting menu. I chose a Grenache blanc and was presented with a coaster where the wine information was printed, plus a generous sample size.You may want to check out if there is a similar wine bar at your next airport stop over.

Wishing you a relaxing Labor Day Weekend

“Labor” doesn’t have to feel like “labor.” If like me you'd like to build a presence online and create your own business, here is a great opportunity to join a vibrant community of solo-entrepreneurs. So next year you’ll be laboring for yourself!

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Become a Wine Expert

Becoming a wine expert is a staged process according to researchers Latour and Deighton (2018); you first gain analytical skills and then you are able to experience the wine holistically. Paper review

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