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Wishing you a relaxing Labor Day Weekend

“Labor” doesn’t have to feel like “labor.” If like me you'd like to build a presence online and create your own business, here is a great opportunity to join a vibrant community of solo-entrepreneurs. So next year you’ll be laboring for yourself!

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Become a Wine Expert

Becoming a wine expert is a staged process according to researchers Latour and Deighton (2018); you first gain analytical skills and then you are able to experience the wine holistically. Paper review

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Wine Aroma Wheel: what is this tool created by Dr. A.C. Noble

Dr. Ann C. Noble created the Wine Aroma Wheel to train enology students at UC Davis and every wine enthusiast in finding the right words to express and share their sensory experience when tasting wine

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Wine, viticulture, and enology: Resources for study by M. DeNotto

I found this open paper in my mailbox today and thought it might interest you. It lists digital resources accessible to wine students and scholars. Although not exhaustive, it is a good foundation. Enjoy!

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winetasting-demystified.com is now GDPR compliant

I am pleased to share with you that this website is now GDPR compliant. Our privacy policy has been updated and all the tools are in place for you to review or request the personal information we may have about you. I would have been able to go through this gigantic hurdle without the tremendous help of the SBI Team.

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