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The 9 words you need to describe wine mouthfeel

If you thought describing wine aromas was challenging, hang on, mouthfeel is even more challenging. Why? Mouthfeel is one of the most complex sensations to describe in wine. There are not a lot of reference standards wine experts can agree on and verbal descriptions are often elusive.

In this issue of Wine Tasting Tips:

Discover how Uruguyan researchers figured out the 9 words to describe wine mouthfeel
Get my 3 wine tasting tips on wine mouthfeel
Learn about the big change in my business

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Champagne Pommery: One of my Favorite Champagne Tours

Champagne Pommery estate has always been my favorite cellar to visit with out of town guests. This article is a recollection of my most recent visits (July 2018)

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InnoVinum LLC to manage winearomawheel.com

Effective January 1, 2019, InnoVinum LLC manages Dr. Noble's Wine Aroma Wheel operations. This is a new chapter in our journey to help YOU handle every wine tasting experience with confidence.

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My Champagne Wine Story

As a native of Reims, the capitale of the Champagne region, I was exposed early on to the Champagne wine traditions and the art of celebrating with Champagne. In this article, I share with you my Champagne story, how the wine is made, based on science and experience.

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My Holidays Specials to Thank YOU

These Holidays Specials are tokens of my appreciation Happy Holidays!!

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