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The Student Experience

by Jennifer Wilhelm
(Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)

On the first day of sensory class, many students lift their nose from their glass of wine and say “it smells like wine.” I say “Great! You have passed the first recognition exercise! Now let’s take it a step further; what does wine smell like?”

Those new to the world of wine are often surprised to find so many different aromas and even more surprised to find that they can identify them. The Wine Aroma Wheel is a very helpful tool to help tasters categorize, narrow down and focus in on what they smell in each wine. It provides guidance and helps to build confidence. The feedback from my students is that it is one of the most valuable resources they receive in their course packs and one that is often referred to.

Note from Isabelle: Jennifer is an instructor and coordinator of the wine programs at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute, hosted at Niagara College. A talented woman who has been chosen for a 40 Under Forty Business Achievement award in 2013. Congratulations Jennifer!! Students are lucky to have you as an instructor and a role model

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