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What aromas can we perceive in a spicy wine?

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This part of the wine aroma dictionary explores spicy wine aromas. This is still a work in progress and we will regularly add new descriptors extracted from the wine flavor wheel . 

  • Aroma : Clove
  • Category : Spicy 
  • Type : Spicy 
  • Aroma Definition : Evokes the aroma of clove buds. This aroma may bring back some good or bad memories from the dentist's office. Indeed, some disinfectant and other products used by dentists had a clove like aroma. Clove buds have painkiller properties.  
  • Origin : Eugenol and iso-eugenol are the aroma compound responsible for the clove aroma in spicy wines. They are by-products of the oak barrel toasting and developed into the wine aging in the barrel. 
  • Wine styles : Perceived mostly in wines aged in oak barrels.  
  • Flavor Standard : This is an easy one. Drop one clove in a white / red base wine and let macerate a couple of hours. Filter and you will smell a clove aroma.

 Image credit:  Dried Clove Buds Photograph by Brian Arthur and released under the GNU Free Documentation License. All remaining rights reserved

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