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Nutty aromas perceived in wine

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This part of the dictionary explores useful aromas you may perceive in wines. The wine aroma wheel only lists three descriptors but you may be able to detect additional ones. 

This is still a work in progress and we will regularly add new descriptors extracted from the wine flavor wheel 

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  • Aroma : Almond 
  • Category : Nutty 
  • Type : Nutty 
  • Aroma Definition : Evokes the aroma of dried almonds, probably not toasted. Benzaldehyde is a compound imparting a bitter almond note, sometimes confounded with a cherry aroma. Sweet almond aroma is likely due to a combination of several aroma compounds. 
  • Origin : The almond aroma precursor may come from the grapes, but most likely from winemaking when oak barrels are used in the process. This note may also develop when wines are aged “sur lies” (on lees). 
  • Wine styles : White or red wines.  
  • Aroma Standard : Use few drops of almond extract in a white / red base wine. You can also crush some non toasted almond and taste them as is without wine.

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