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My experience as a wine educator in Norway

by Svein

Tasting note sheet

Tasting note sheet

I am a sommelier and a wine educator living and working in Norway. The Aroma Wheel is part of my toolkit along with le "nez du vin" aroma kit. These tools are great for teaching and help students understand and connect to wine. I am teaching for the most part to wine professionals working in restaurants or for wine importers. For them, I have created a starter kit including the wine aroma wheel for them to start they wine journey,

I started the first website offering wine courses in 1999 through www.vinforedrag.no and now I have 5 sites! My latest site in the works is to make a digital, easy tasting system using my personal tasting sheet (see photo). Many customers have asked to buy it, and it helps to taste faster, and still make dynamic tasting notes. For the moment its only paper, but it will be great addition to the wine aroma wheel for my courses.

Fortunately for me, Norway does not go through financial problems as many others countries in Europe. People are looking for real things in life, senses and the good use of them through food and wine. This is a perfect match for me.


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