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What aromas can we perceive in a floral wine?

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This part of the wine aroma dictionary explores floral wine aromas. This is still a work in progress and we will add regularly new descriptors extracted from the wine aroma wheel 

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  • Aroma: Orange Blossom
  • Category: Floral 
  • Type: Floral
  • Aroma definition: Aroma evoking  the scent of orange blossoms. We may not be all familiar with this scent, especially those of us living in nordic countries. However, orange blossom water is used in French and Mediteranean pastries, so you may have encountered this delicate fragrance.
  • Wine style: I found this floral aroma mentioned several times for dry Muscat wines, a fruity and floral wine style, although I haven’t experienced it myself.
  • Origin:  The molecule mainly responsible for this floral aroma is linalool, a terpene present in the grape berries.
  • Aroma Standard: If you are lucky enough to be nearby orange trees, pick some blossoms and crushed them and let them infused in a base wine. The alternative would be to find the natural food flavour called in French “Fleur d’oranger” and add few drops to a base wine. 

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Category: Floral 

  • Type: Floral 

  • Aroma definition: Evokes the aroma of violets in bloom. α- and β-ionones are the compounds mostly responsible for the violet-like aromas. These compounds are not highly volatile and you may swirl your glass or warm it a bit between your hands to smell it. 

  • Origin: the precursors of the ionones are in the grape berries and are released during winemaking. 

  • Wine styles: Perceived mostly in red wines, old Bordeaux wines (cabernet Sauvignon dominant) and Syrah wines 

  • Aroma Standard: in France, violet flavoured candies made by the “Abbaye de Flavigny” work well as aroma standards. Violet extracts may be found in some specialty stores selling essential oils. You can drop few drops of the extract in a base wine to train your nose to recognize the violet aromas in wine.

 Image credit: http://www.anis-flavigny.com/bonbon.html

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