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Wine Quiz

In honor of Wine Wednesday, I post every Wednesday either a quiz or a survey that will touch on sensory perceptions, wine tasting skills, wine science, or wine consumption. Click on the link to take the survey or quiz you'd like.

A quiz every Wednesday, that's the intent!


#1: What type of wine consumer are you? Let's check it using the wine involvement scale

#2: Do you use technologies when wine shopping?

#3: What is your favourite Chardonnay wine style? Vote now!


#1: Sensory quiz - Four questions on taste perceptions and tasting errors

#2: Wine Tasting quiz - Test your knowledge of good sensory practices


The more participants the more interesting the results!

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No scientific value

  • By no means the results have any scientific value. They will only reflect the opinions of the site visitors.

Surveys: Just your opinion counts. There are no wrong or right answers

Quizzes: Expected answers will be unveiled.

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