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Your Subscription is Now Confirmed


Isabelle, your Wine Tasting Coach, here. 

This is the second message I mentioned earlier. 

Yes, your subscription to our list has now been confirmed and you will get the link to your free Starter Kit soon. 

But first, let me welcome you officially to my community of readers. I am thrilled you are here. 

You are here because you want to become a better wine taster and I am here for you. During my career as a wine sensory scientist and educator, I have trained hundreds of people to taste wine so that they could better articulate what they perceive when sipping a glass of wine.

You can read my bio, if you are inclined to get to know me better.

Why is that important? Because wine tasting is the fundamental pillar that will support your growth along your wine education journey.

  • You need to learn how to taste wine to identify the aromas or tastes that you like or don’t like. So you can select the wines you like when you shop or when you dine out.
  • You need to learn how to taste wine to memorize what you experience between wines made with different varietal grapes, or produced in specific wine regions, or made by particular wine producers. 

What do I mean by Learn how to taste? I mean that:

  • You will know what are the good sensory practices to set up so you have a meaningful wine tasting experience.
  • You will know how to describe wine aromas and tastes with simple words. I won’t teach you the flowery, poetic, or dramatic language of wine experts, because frankly, they only talk among themselves and they think you can understand them. Do you?.

My thank you gift is on its way. Your starter kit will set you up on a good start, as I will give you the basic techniques to taste wine plus the starter kit including a checklist, a glass mat, and two evaluation sheets. 

Thank again for joining the Wine Tasting Tips Subscribers and I will see you soon.