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Going Back to Wine School?| Wine Tasting Tips #10 August 2018
August 28, 2018

Issue #10 - August 2018

Dear Wine Friend,

I hope you had a great summer. I had the chance to go back to my home country and pretend being a tourist in my home town, Reims in Champagne.

As we are getting closer to Labor Day weekend in North America, many of you may consider going back to wine school .

This is why I share this month several tips that can help you get ready for this new season of learnings.

The path to become a wine expert

I reviewed recently a publication by Latour and Deighton who investigated the path to become a wine expert. Their major finding was that memorizing wine characteristics by writing a story or by drawing enhanced wine enthusiasts' ability to memorize better the wine profile and enabled them to identify the wine correctly among a set of 4 similar wines. This might be a strategy you’d like to experiment with and include in your practice. READ MORE .

Along the same line of thought, Anders P.F.Herdenstam and colleagues published a new pedagogical tool for sommeliers they described as “Dialogue seminars”. They argue that these seminars, involving reflection, verbalization and the exploration of concepts, could be used as an educational complement to analytical training for restaurant personnel. READ MORE .

Have you ever wanted to earn an MBA in wine?

This article published in Seattle Times showcases the MBA program at Sonoma State University, the only program of this kind in North America. Many successful business people look at investing in the wine industry, or even run a winery. This MBA program seems a good fit for anybody willing to engage in this business. READ MORE .

For the wine science geeks

I recommend following the articles published by Dr. Paula Silva on her site Wine and Science. Content is technical however well written for the wine enthusiasts. CHECK OUT .

What's new of Wine Tasting Demystified?

I took the opportunity of a bit of down time to update my review of the wine aroma wheel, this pedagogical tool to help wine tasters decompose their perception, one aroma category at a time CHECK OUT .

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