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Chilling Out --Wine Tasting Tips #5
June 27, 2017

Issue #5

I hope this new issue of Wine Tasting Tips will find you well. Here is what you will find in this issue:

  • What science says about the best wine temperature to pour or store your wine
  • Related articles in the media
  • Introducing Wine Science Corner
  • Don't forget YOUR exclusive perks

  • What is the best wine temperature?

    As the weather warms up, you may have seen articles flourishing in the media on wine temperature. Just to name few headlines I read recently:

  • How cold should I serve a Chardonnay?
  • Is putting a bottle in the freezer that bad?
  • Should I buy a dual-zone wine cooler?

  • What about you? Have you ever wonder if you were serving the wine at the “right” temperature?

    Here is what the science has to say about the best wine temperature .

    Related articles in the media

    On June 17, Ellie Douglas wrote about white wine temperature.
    ‘Acidity and fruit tend to be the two end-points of this equation, with fruit character becoming more obvious with increasing temperature – whilst acidity tends to stick out a bit more, as those fruitier tones recede at lower temperatures.’
    Ideal temperature depends on the wine sensory profile and it defers as well whether the wine is still or sparkling.

    Read more Decanter on white wine temperature

    ....and if you are in a hurry?

    This other note discusses one of my last resort practices: putting the bottle in the freezer.
    "Matt Walls, DWWA judge, recommends putting your wine in the freezer for 22 minutes for lightly chilled, and 28 minutes for fully chilled." Ideally, it is better to place the bottle in an iced bath for 30 minutes but I guess you would agree that the freeze is more convenient.

    Read more at Decanter on chilling a bottle in the freezer

    Introducing the Wine Science Corner

    Bringing you the latest wine science news that could change the way you taste wine.

    Wine science is a very active field of research, with every major wine region of the world having its own research institute. Most research teams aim to elucidate factors affecting wine quality and how their findings may impact the wine tasting experience. Keeping track of these science news can enrich your own tasting experiences.
    Check it out:Wine Science Corner

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