Looking for an approachable wine tasting guide?
Let us demystify what this is all about: the sensory experience!

This wine tasting guide has three goals:

  • To take the mystery out of wine tasting by sharing with you -in simple terms - the scientific foundations behind the various steps involved;
  • To give you confidence in your own perceptions; in my world, there is no right or wrong answers when you taste wine or any other foods for that matter. Trust your senses! 
  • To give you the tools to develop your sensory abilities, at home, at school, at work, wherever it is appropriate.

I designed this approachable wine tasting guide for you

who have felt:

  • intimidated by the flowery language of wine connoisseurs at a friend's party
  • embarrassed when asked to choose wine at a restaurant
  • speechless when invited to comment on the taste of the wine
  • or simply annoyed by the wine snobs.

Meet your wine tasting coach

Hi, my name is Isabelle Lesschaeve and I will be your coach and trainer along these pages. This wine tasting guide combines my two passions: wine and science. Wine is part of my lifestyle and my culture. Being born and raised in France, I have always considered wine as a normal part of a meal; wine is food.

For the last 25 years, I have practiced sensory evaluation, which is the science behind tasting. I have trained many people who contributed to my research and development projects. I even wrote my doctorate thesis on how to assess and improve their performance! These people registered to be on the panels just because they loved food and wanted to learn how to be better tasters.

I do not consider myself as a wine expert; I am a tasting expert and I would like to share with you what I have learned over my years of practice on how to taste wine. 

To know more about my background and credentials, visit About Me or check out my profile on LinkedIn.

Take a quick tour

Not all wine tasters need to become experts. You may need to improve your sensory abilities as part of your job or your studies. You may also want to learn more about wine for your own enjoyment. In all cases, you will find here tips and information that are usually not taught at wine appreciation classes or sommelier courses. The main reason is that these classes teach about wine, wine regions, winemaking, wine and food pairing etc.. and not how to taste wine.

So...do you want to become a better wine taster? then follow me your wine tasting guide!

This website is organised in different sections to help you develop and improve your wine evaluation skills.

Wine Tasting Guide

This section will take you through:

Wine perceptions

To become a better wine taster, it is critical to understand how wine perceptions are evoked are perceived via your five senses and how tasting errors can occur without you even realizing it!

Learn about the wine tasting myths and how we busted them!

Learning resources

This section will grow as we develop the wine tasting guide. The intent is to provide students, instructors, and wine enthusiasts some resources to gain more knowledge on the topic of wine tasting.

Take quizzes and surveys and stay an informed taster!

As this website develops, we will include more useful information.  

To keep up with our regular updates, please:

All the links are posted on the left column of this page.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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