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About Me!

Thank you for stopping by! Let me tell you about me, this website - my new hobby and personal challenge.

Let me share with you my professional background and my motivations to create Wine Tasting Demystified and help improve your wine tasting skills.

Lucky to have lived in wine countries 

I was born in France and grew up in Reims, the Capital of Champagne. My family was not involved in the wine industry, however, as in many French families, wine was part of their lifestyle. Wine was served at dinner every day, and Champagne was the "apéritif" of choice. Hence my love for bubblies.  

Thanks to my first biology professor in secondary school, I became interested in research and life sciences. I studied agriculture and food science, earned an agricultural engineering degree and later a PhD in Food Science from the University of Burgundy, France with a specialization in the sensory evaluation of food and beverages.

My Professional Background

I discovered sensory science through an internship in the Flavor Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA, Dijon France). I learned the fundamentals of sensory perceptions, sensory analysis and started to apply it to many food products. I loved it so much that I got a job as a sensory scientist and stayed there for another eight years. Ironically, this lab was located in Burgundy but we  seldomly worked on wine; I missed that.

In 1997, I left my home land and travelled across the Atlantic ocean to settle in Modesto (California). My job was to implement and lead the sensory program at E. & J. Gallo Winery. This was a lifetime opportunity to work for the largest winery in the USA at the time. I arrived with some basic knowledge of viticulture and winemaking, but I had not a lot of business experience. I learned the wine business there and how the trade worked. I developed a framework to define and target consumer sensory preferences for wine. 

In 2001, I moved to Canada, created with my husband a consulting company  called InnoVinum. I worked as a consultant for the wine industry. I advised several sensory scientists in their implementation of good sensory practices for their respective wineries. One task was to recruit and train sensory panelists, and teach them how to taste wine. This consulting work gave me the opportunity to travel in the New World (California, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and Canada). InnoVinum still exists and operates this website.

I have close to 25 years of experience, as a sensory scientist. What is it? Sensory science utilizes human senses to describe and measure perceptions evoked by products characteristics. Sensory scientists do not rely on instruments but on tasters to describe perceptions consumers mayl have when tasting wines, smelling flowers, or driving a new car. Yes, sensory science is applied to many sectors and many products. Sensory data are used to develop new products meeting consumers preferences, to ensure that product sensory quality is not alter by storage or by the use of different ingredients. As a sensory scientist, I am a member of the Society of Sensory Professionals.

As indicated in introduction, this website is a hobby and does not engage my current employer in any matter.

This site is a resource for you

Read the various sections, take the quizzes, practice your aroma identification with the wine aroma dictionary.

Feel free to contact me or ask a question. There are no silly questions!

Keep updated by following the blog, see below.

And more importantly, Enjoy. Cheers!

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