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About Sensory Adaptation in Wine Tasting

Sensory adaptation decreases tasters sensitivity due to the overuse of their senses for wine tasting. This leads to sensory fatigue and misjudgment on the wines

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Dos and Donts prior and during a Wine Tasting

Drinking coffee before a wine tasting is not a good idea. Learn about all the other dos and donts to ensure you come with a clean palate and high spirits

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I hardly believe 2016. has come to a term It's been a challenging year for many of us.

I wish 2017 brings you all peace, love, good health, and certainly great wine tasting experiences.

Thank You for following the updates and news published on Wine Tasting Demystified.
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Happy New Year!

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Wine Tasting Terms to Describe Wine

Finding the right wine tasting terms is challenging for most of us, especially when we try to describe flavors. This article explains why is that and provides tips on how to become better at it

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Wine Aroma Kit: It's Easy to Make your Own

Are you looking for training tools to improve your ability to identify wine aromas more easily? What about making your own wine aroma kit?

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