Swirl, Sniff, Taste, and Describe!
Use this wine aroma dictionary to develop
your wine tasting vocabulary!

The wine aroma dictionary is a direct extension of the wine aroma wheel created by Dr. Ann Noble at the University of California, Davis. You may get inspiration from it to design your own wine aroma kit or just learn more about the aroma definition or wine aromatic profile.

How does this wine aroma dictionary work?

Like the wine aroma wheel, the dictionary has 11 categories displayed below. 

Click on the category of interest, and a new page will display the list of wine aroma definitions already available. 

You will be able to comment and add your two cents to this list, make other aroma standard suggestions should you wish.

Select a wine aroma category

Fruity Aromas
Vegetative Aromas
Floral Aromas
Woody Aromas

Spicy Aromas
Nutty Aromas
Caramel Aromas
Earthy Aromas

Chemical Aromas
Microbiological Aromas


This wine aroma dictionary is in progress and by no means pretends to be exhaustive as the wine aroma wheel does not pretend to reduce the wine aroma spectrum of wine to its content. It’s just a training tool for novice tasters to learn how to structure their wine vocabulary, discover the variety of aromatic profiles in wine and learn how to connect wine perceptions with wine tasting terms.

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