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Three versions of the Wine Aroma Wheel are available to purchase for retail and resale

  • Wine Aroma Wheel, English version (C) 1990 A.C. Noble 
  • Wine Aroma Wheel, French version 'La Roue des Arômes', (C) 2003 A.C. Noble and I. Lesschaeve,
  • Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel, English version, (C) A.C. Noble and J. Robichaud

InnoVinum, the parent company of this website, distributes the three versions of the Wine Aroma Wheel in Canada and the French version, 'la roue des arômes', worldwide.

The easiest way to purchase the Wine Aroma Wheels is online and pay by credit card using PayPal.

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Purchase Wine Aroma Wheels for Shipping in Canada Only

Original Wine Aroma Wheel

(C) 1990, 2002 A.C. Noble

on a full-colour laminated plastic

support (22 cm diameter)

The Wine Aroma Wheel is offered on a full-colour laminated plastic support (22 cm diameter). You can download the user guide at completion of the online order.

  • Unit price: $CDN 6.00 plus shipping. 
  • Shipping by regular mail. Express mail available upon request and with extra charges
  • Wine educators, please contact us to check your discount eligibility

Roue des Arômes 

(C) 2003 Noble and Lesschaeve

Amateurs de vin francophones et francophiles, la roue des arômes du vin existe dans notre belle langue.

Comme sa grande soeur américaine, elle se présente sous la forme d'un disque laminé de couleur. Les descripteurs d’arômes sont organisés en 3 sections: au centre les catégories générales (par exemple, Fruité), puis des catégories plus précises (par exemple, Agrumes) pour finir à la périphérie avec les termes spécifiques (par exemple, Citron). 

Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel

(C) 1990 A.C. Noble 

includes terms that are more specific to the description of the sparkling wines and Champagne wines.  

The Sparkling Wine Aroma Wheel includes terms that are more specific to the description of the sparkling wines or Champagne wines. Indeed, the generation of the bubbles through the second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle enables different types of perceptions. During this second fermentation, the wine is then held on the yeast lees (the precipitated or spent yeast) for a minimum of one year and sometimes up to ten years. During this time the lees are broken down, producing the unique flavour of lees-aged sparkling wines.

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Worldwide Order of La Roue des Arômes du Vin, the French Version of the Wine Aroma Wheel

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