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Wine Tasting Tips #7--This Wine is Music to my Palate
April 26, 2018

Issue #7 - April 2018


Recent articles in the popular and scientific press have inspired the content of this issue. Let’s explore the influence of sounds and music on our wine tasting experience.

Impact of Music Choice on Wine Tasting

Many things can trick a wine tasting, like wine colors or glass shapes. What about the music choice at a wine event?

This is what a research team from Oxford University in the UK decided to investigate in two studies recently published in scientific journals.

  • In the first study, they hypothesized than wine professionals were immune to distraction such as ambient music; they tested their assumption at the International Cool Climate Symposium hosted in UK in 2016.

  • In the second study, the same team used a more controlled research design and had a sensory panel assess the effect of music choice on the temporal perception of sweetness and sourness in the same wine.

  • Findings showed that music tunes can indeed alter our liking and also wine taste attributes.
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    Related articles in the media

    While sound can change the way we taste wine, it can change the way we learn about wine. Two articles report on the importance of podcasts for Millenials to get wine insights.
    Mike Dunne reviewed a dozen of podcasts and highlighted 8 of them in this article.
    Sound is the new way to sell wine to millennials
    A new podcast appeared since Mike’s paper, called the Wine Down.
    More on this.

    New Books Added on my Wish List

  • The glass of wine: science, technology, and Art of glassware, by J. F Shakelford and P.J. Shakelford; this is one of the first books dedicated to glass making and its influence on the wine industry<∕li>
  • Bursted Bubbles, by Robert Walters; This book promises to share the alternate history of the Champagne region and its growers<∕li>

    Check out these books and other wine tasting resources

    New Articles published on Wine Tasting Demystified

    Understanding what, you, wine consumer, like or dislike in a particular red wine type, is a quest that consumer researchers are eager to crack. "Tell me what you drink, I will tell you who you are" is a wine adaptation  the famous quote of chef Brilliat-Savarin in 1882 : “Tell me what you eat,  and I will tell you who you are”.
    Is sweet red wine your wine type?
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    Wild fires have affected several wine regions in the recent years, causing wines developing a smokey and non desirable aroma.

    Smokey is the new aroma added to the Wine Tasting Demystified Aroma Dictionary in the Woody Category.

  • Aroma: Smokey/Smoky
  • Category: Woody
  • Type: Burnt
  • Aroma Definition: Associated will the smell of smoke generated by burning wood.
  • Origin: Wines aged in heavily toasted wood barrels can elicit smokey aromas. Smoky is however considered a taint when it originates from the grapevines exposure to wildfires, their heavy smoke passing over vineyards. Compounds imparting smoky aromas are phenolic molecules similar to trans resveratrol, but with a very low detection threshold. This means that only few micrograms per liter can ruin a wine flavor.

  • More on Smokey and Other Woody Aromas

    News from Isabelle

    It hasn't been a month since we connected. A chronic elbow tendonitis made it very painful to type on my computer keyboard.
    I haven't been totally inactive, and I am happy to share these news.

  • Innovinum LLC has been registered in the US. The company has operated since 2002 in Canada and followed me in the US where I now reside.
  • The Wine Aroma Wheel is now available on
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