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This page includes a non exhaustive list of books, articles, presentations, or videos that will be updated as new interesting materials become available.

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The section dedicated to Sensory Perceptions and Wine Assessment provides the fundamentals and practical applications of sensory methods to wine evaluation. It is a well written textbook that I referred to when teaching.

This is the textbook I recommend for students willing to learn the basics of Sensory Evaluation. I was fortunate to meet the authors when they published the first edition of this classics and still have my autographed copy in my office.

This is the book I rely on when teaching sensory evaluation. The two authors have delivered a resource covering the whole field of sensory science, from the fundamentals of sensory perceptions to the statistical analysis of sensory data.

Ann C. Noble and I co-wrote a chapter on the sensory analysis of wine in this book series dedicated to Viticulture and Oenology.

For the scientists at heart!

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